Thursday, July 18, 2013

Amy Huber Letter of Leniency

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  1. You should be ashamed of yourself for trivializing what has happened because you claim it was an isolated incident? or because this child remained friends with his molester. The child was not over 21 when the sexual assaults occurred and his innocence cannot be given back to him, nor can all those photos online or in the hands of sick perverts be erased. This man chose to use his power and authority in the most despicable of ways, as a "friend", to groom and rob this kid of a normal life. How dare you imply the victim has ANY responsibility in this and as a teacher who is supposed to be there to protect the children entrusted to her, shame shame on you.

  2. Wow - I have seen it all...this guy is sick, this is not the first time this sicko teacher has done this...Amy, I feel so sorry for you, you are just as sick as the person you are defending...

  3. Amy, ever heard the sentence "Be a part of the solution, not the problem?" You are part of the problem. Disgusting. You don't even realize that your support for this pedophile is victimizing that poor 8-year-old boy and his family over and over again. Wake up and look at yourself and your own abhorrent actions. We have consequences in this world for wrong behavior. My mind can't even fathom why anyone would be ok with supporting a monster like this.

  4. Disgusting. Are all these people part of a group of pedophiles? Could that be why they support this monster?

  5. Amy, you are dumb and blind. Of course you didn't notice anything but good when it came to Neal. Every pervert in the world needs a good ally like you. You get an A+ there, go girl! Did you and the other supporting teachers all get together and write these letters in unison? All these letters show, over and over, is that Neal involved himself in as many activities as possible with children. I've been in education for over 15 years and teaching is tough. Especially if you have a spouse, children, etc. you do not volunteer for these countless activities outside of school. As I read these letters, it is clear that Neal involved himself in as many opportunities as possible to befriend the staff and community so as to create the persona of a trusted individual, so caring that you can leave all kids along with him. This guy is a sicko and you are easily persuaded. I would bet there are more victims of this pervert out there. An isolated incident, no way. Even if it were an isolated incident, he should be locked up for the rest of his life and his wife should be totally sickened and disgusted by this.