Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sally Campbell Letter of Leniency

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  1. I think we all know inour hearts that this sick pervert got exactly what he had coming. A .45 cal certainly would have been quicker and cheaper.

  2. A middle school teacher cannot enter into a mutual friendship and more... He is and was a teacher and authority figure over this child. I am as disgusted by this woman's acceptance of what happened, even if it was or wasn't an isolated incident, as I am at the predator who stole innocence. I hope the teachers who stood up and trivialized this act of abomination, because it was "years prior" or "only one student", are fired or disciplined as they have no business being in a job where it is their obligation to protect and serve the children entrusted to them.

  3. All of these teachers praise Neal for all the good things he did. Sorry, all the good he may have done was simply to lure you into the perception that he was a good person. He manipulated everyone! And these teachers purposely blind themselves to the hell this family is going through. That good behavior was obliterated the moment he decided to fixate on that poor innocent boy.

  4. Sally Campbell,

    Let's hope you never have to go through what this child and his family had to go through.

    Would you write the same letter for your child's rapist?

    You are truly disgusting.

  5. Disgusting is too good a word for these people. Since when is sexually abusing a child a mistake? These people have got to be a group of pedophiles. There really is no other reasonable explanation for these support letters.

  6. Sally, I have been in education for over 15 years and your letter is pathetic! Your examples of Erickson being the upstanding individual are all examples of how predators groom parents and children and then lure the child. He gains trust to be allowed to be in situations where he is alone and then assaults and then threatens the child not to tell. Plain and simple. Of course you didn't notice any wrongdoing. He groomed you and you fell for it. Very simple. You need to open your eyes. I hope people like you never educate my children. How scary!

  7. All these letters show, over and over, is that Neal involved himself in as many activities as possible with children. I've been in education for over 15 years and teaching is tough. Especially if you have a spouse, children, etc. you do not volunteer for these countless activities outside of school. As I read these letters, it is clear that Neal involved himself in as many opportunities as possible to befriend the staff and community so as to create the persona of a trusted individual, so caring that you can leave all kids along with him. The Catholic school reference is sick lady. As a catholic, I really, really despise the fact that you use this in the letter to elude to some sort of innocence. This guy is a sicko.

  8. You do not know when the sender became aware of the info, lady!
    And you are the most naive for not recognizing the molester's attempts to be near as many potential victims as possible.
    This is standard warfare for molesters.
    As a teacher, you should know this and be on the lookout for exactly thus type of behavior. The fact that he has snowed you is exactly why you should step down as a teacher and retire to a life AS FAR AWAY FROM CHILDREN as possible.
    They can not count on you to protect them, that is crystal clear.
    This molester has manipulated you into asking a judge for leniency even.
    I hope I can say, you WERE a public servant. I hope by now you have listened to the prevailing public and stepped away from the children you clearly have been failing to protect.
    God have mercy on your soul. Because I'm not finding any mercy in my heart for you...