Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marilynn Glover Letter of Leniency

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  1. Delusional. All the good this man did cannot erase the depth of evil he did. Try to get that through your head and start empathizing with that poor INNOCENT boy & his family.

    1. I completely agree...all the good works in the world cannot erase pictures on child pornography web sites. Cannot bring back this kids innocence, Cannot give him a normal life. Good works cannot undo what he has done. That is no different than trying to buy your way out.

  2. I can't believe teachers would stand by this teacher. I taught for 30 years and can't imagine anyone, male or female, having any kind of sexual relationship with the children they are pledged to teach and protect. No, I'm sorry this teacher should have never been around any children including his own. He is sick, and whether he did it once or more it is all the same. He has destroyed a life of a young man and his family. How can anyone accuse the child as being compliant as the teacher built mental control over his victim. Thank heavens it has come to light, and the the teacher punished. Hopefully the victim and his family can somewhat heal. God bless the victim, his family as well as the teacher's family; they too will suffer for his self-serving actions.