Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sandi Lee's Letter of Leniency

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  1. Disgusting!!! Based on this letter we can only assume that the 10-12 year old child was at fault for his own rape and this rapist and predator ( oops, I mean wonderful outstanding man)has only done this once.

    In fact, he has "ALWAYS shown ABSOLUTE propriety in his behavior." Really? Always? Huh. So apparently he didn't rape a young boy on multiple occasions. Weird.

    This "teacher" sounds like she would have cheerfully turned a blind eye if she knew about the incident at the time. It's so sad to think that she is in charge of young children herself.

  2. Let's hope you never have to go through what this child and his family had to go through.

    Would you write the same letter for your child's rapist?

    You are truly disgusting.

    Neal will find justice in prison. If you don't know what they do to child rapists in prison you should look it up. He will find justice. Then again, who knows, maybe he'll like it....

  3. These letters are disgusting. I have been a teacher for 15+ years and would never support someone who did this, under any circumstances. Lady, time does not take away this hurt. Sexual assaults of boys are way under reported because they are too embarrassed and this boy was threatened. You are not to judge that since he didn't report it, that it wasn't harmful to him. All the things you list to show what a great person this molester is are all practices for getting closer to kids and gaining trust in adults so they will leave their kids alone with him. That's how predators work, very basic. You fell for it, my dear!? Wake up and smell the coffee about what has happened. It's sick.

  4. You're dragging Cody's name thru the mud.

  5. He was "the better man" for refusing to drag Cody's name through the mud?
    Is that how it works, lady?
    Or does Cody decide he doesn't want to go to trial.
    Does the pedophile plead guilty as part of a plea deal, pleading guilty to one charge in order to avoid trial on COUNTLESS charges!?
    The fact that someone didn't speak up for 7 years is a testament to NEAL's character??
    Yeah, to his ability to manipulate his NEXT victim!
    To his ability to hide this so well from his own family (who likely outed him once they found out)
    To his ability to scare his NEXT victim just as much into secrecy...
    Lady, you need to reevaluate your choice in friends.
    This man helped you so much in order to help HIMSELF. It kept him close to his victims...
    Your pathetic request to the judge shows your lack of ability to protect our children....
    Stand down, take a job at a nursery (where they water and prune plants)
    That should be the closest you should come to working with living beings that count on you to thrive.
    And PREDATOR Neal should be locked up for life or given a lethal injection.
    He has shown, through his ability to garner support from naive coworkers, that he WILL do this again

  6. I am in complete shock. How does the fact that it only happened to one child excuse it? If you only murder one person does it not count? Not to mention we wll know that these types of crimes don't just happen once. This guy is like all other pedophiles, a master manipulator who deeply immersed himself in every possible facet of the education system. Not because he loved teaching so much, because he wanted to be around his victims every second possible. Also, how does the fact that an anonymous tipster not saying it for years mean anything at all? That means nothing except that all of these teachers knew the whole time and should be prosecuted. Let's get real here, teachers are supposed to protect students in anyway necessary. They are not supposed to allow child rapists to hang around students salivating all day and then once the creep is caught, add insult to injury and be angry with the parents. Who in this world would not have empathy for the parents, and then attack them? I have two sons under 7 years old and I can tell you this and I know most parents feel the same, if this happened to my kid and you ignorant, rape condoning morons acted in this matter, I would gladly end up in prison for the remainder of my natural life because you would not get away with treating human beings like this. As teachers you have an even greater responsibility to not do what you are doing. But hey, we all know what these whining, lazy crybaby union teachers are like. Work half a year and have the audacity to complain. Now we could add child rape supporters to their list of behaviors. I for one am not going to let this go.